[first post, technically]


Dear Artichoke,

How exactly does one start a blog? What should one’s first post be? I have no idea. So, I have decided to write you a letter, and then post it, and then not tell you about it, and wait for you to find it on your own. Like a gift from the mysterious blog fairy.

I’m still very unaccustomed to referring to you as ‘Artichoke’, though it certainly has nickname potential (Chokey!), but I will persevere.

And I have been looking up stock photos of vegetables.

For example, onions in the pristine…


Onions halved…


Onions cooked into soup…


Leafy green artichokes…


Artichokes halved…


And apparently this is what happens when you let them go wild. Who knew?


I think I should perhaps take some pictures of my own. Like that time when I meant to, but then started cooking instead.

I have (almost) finished writing you a letter on the state of my middle school curriculum when it came to certain adult texts. and I have promised to write you a letter on The Goblin Emperor, and just why I liked it so much. Hopefully, posting this will motivate me to actually get that done.

Let me know when you see this!

Much Love,


P.S. I think we have to change some passwords, due to Heartbleed. Will discuss further.

P.P.S. I’m probably just going to keep fucking with the fonts and maybe the pictures at whim. There’ll be something new every time you look!


About onionandartichoke

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a pair of vegetables in possession of a good quantity of opinions must be in want of a blog. Onion and Artichoke: Purveyors of Fine Literary Reviews, Discussions of Modern Life, and Only Infrequent Eviscerations. (With occasional contributions from Messrs. Aubergine, Leek, and Zucchini.) ------------- We are two college friends in our twenties, who live in the same city and (as of April 2014) have the good luck of working in the same office too. Onion runs the Tumblr, and Artichoke runs the WordPress. Onion is media-savvy; Artichoke mispronounces words on the regular. Onion is full of grace; Artichoke listens to Ace of Base. Onion is a bulb; Artichoke is a thistle. We hope this has been a very informative reading experience. Sincerely, ONION and ARTICHOKE
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